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Greetings, Gene-O-Rama visitors!

Leeds & Grenville Branch began life as the Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society, becoming a Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society in 1978.  It is a tribute to our founding members that some are still active in Branch operations, even into their 90s.  We have a small but active and engaged number of volunteers with big ideas for sharing our resources, and we can always use help in moving these ideas forward.

We have a Branch Archives/Library that has grown over the years and now comprises a room of about 500 square feet in the basement of the Brockville Museum.  In that room we have hundreds of family histories written by local genealogists and those whose ancestors populated the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville from the late 18th century.  We also have hundreds of local history volumes, written over the past 200 years, to provide context to those researching their family’s roots.  And we have 99% of the original land abstract books for the United Counties, detailing property transitions from the Crown to the mid-20th century.

Our Branch website leedsandgrenville.ogs.on.ca has information on our events and holdings.  Scroll down our home page to find a video presentation about the Branch, given in June of 2020.  For our members we offer a Members Library where we are constantly posting new materials, such as information on military heroes from the Counties, digital versions of early local newspapers, and soon some of our family histories will be available in the Members Library!

We have recently joined Marketplace on the Ontario Ancestors website, where we sell digital downloads of most of our over 100 publications.  We also sell printed copies of many, ordered directly from the Branch.

Our latest endeavour is to provide a map of the locations of the many cemeteries in Leeds & Grenville, using Google Maps.  You can find it on our website’s home page, and click on it to enjoy the interactive display.

We would love to have you visit us.  Please join us on March 25th at noon to find out more about our Branch, its activities and how we can help you with your family history research.

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