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We make high quality, EXACT copies of valuable old books to help with your Historical and Family History Research right here in Canada. So, no questionable “off-shore” transcriptions. We also “hand edit” our Professional quality OCR output so you get the best search accuracy possible.

You can have your own copy of your Research, Background and Reference resources -so it will always be available to you. Our digital reproductions work on almost ALL computers with NO “installation” or special software. Our PDF files run on all PDF interpreters but we recommend Acrobat Reader (which comes pre-installed, on all ready to use out of the box computers sold today) for the best results.

We are gradually changing over to provide these same wonderful products as DOWNLOADS. Once completed we will discontinue offering CD products. We are making this change in response to: YOUR requests for instant product delivery, AND to the outrageous increases in the cost of mailing CDs. A benefit you see in the product’s price.

Questions? Call us at: Toll Free: 1-888-692-2660; Local: 613-692-2667
OR: email to: [email protected]

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