Nancy E. Loe

Presenting Organize Like an Archivist

Presenting Ten Skills Every Genealogist Needs

My name is Nancy Loe. I’m a genealogist and have worked in professionally in libraries and archives for four decades.

I hold dual Master’s degrees from The Catholic University of America in American History and in Library Science with a specialization in archives administration. Because I studied in Washington, DC, I was fortunate to be able to intern twice at the Smithsonian Institution.

Career in Archives and Special Collections

I started my first professional job as Head of Local History and Genealogy at the Pikes Peak Library District. Alex Haley’s Roots was making genealogy extremely popular, so we were very busy. Since then I’ve managed academic special collections and archives in California. My staff and I acquired, preserved, organized archival collections. We also guided researchers. I wrote and managed NEH grants to digitize finding aids and archival materials.

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